February Madness

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This is short month, and already a week has gone by without a post! What is this madness? As many of you know, I've moved on to Pirates 3. There's some really great stuff behind the scenes here, which I unfortunately (or fortunately, since I might spoil the movie for you!) can't share. I've been handed another shot, so that makes my total for the week up to five. They're not finalled, as I'm still just prepping bluescreens and elements, in anticipation for the cool backgrounds to come. They are pretty intricate, but not overly complicated. Definitely tougher than a simple A over B composite! I'm going to try and document what I do, so when you finally see the film, you'll be able to see how I composite from beginning to end. There are a couple more comments in the Open Call post that I'll be getting to early this year. It has been close to four months since you've posted your suggestions, and rest assured, I will get to more of what you want to read! Feel free to add more suggestions to that post if you'd like. While Pirates is just heating up in comp land, Meet the Robinsons 3D is wrapping up quickly. I may be doing double duty on both shows fairly soon, but that decision hasn't been finalized.

A week, maybe two weeks ago I picked up a Rubiks Cube. I've never had one, so I missed the craze when they first came out. It's a fancy little toy, and is pretty appropriate for me, as I like challenges and tinkering with my hands, as you can see from previous posts like this one and this one. After playing with it for several days, I solved it, and have slowly increased the rate at which I can solve it. I think I've got it under four or five minutes now. I don't think I'll be a quick solver that can do it in under a minute, but solving a Rubiks Cube is another party trick I can put under my belt.

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