Is it really over?

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Mummy 3 Michelle YeohThe last shot is out the door! The movie comes out in a little less than three weeks. I can't wait. I ended up working on the final final of the show, a huge shot, which you actually see in the first minutes when the movie comes out, which is the title card shot. I'm pretty happy with it, all in all. After Cohen came, the small crew that was still around sat down and had dinner, and conversed over how the show went, in a jovial manner. Joel, our VFX supervisor, told us some stories about his earlier formative years, as a visual effects supervisor on Wierd Science and another last minute show called Judge Dredd. Joel won an Oscar for What Dreams May Comes in 1998.

Now it's time for some relaxing R&R. Next week I'll still be on the show for a short time, tying up loose ends. Stay tuned for the next big show! Siggraph is actually coming up very shortly. Hopefully I'll meet up with some of you there!


Can't wait to see the final results on August 1st. I'm excited enough to see it on opening day which also happens to be my birthday. Hope to see you at Siggraph. If I don't see you at the DD booth I'll try emailing you. Can't wait to see the product you've been hinting about.

Can't wait to see it!

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