A new front

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Well readers, I've decided to revamp the website.. I did it a couple of weeks ago, but just finishing up some tweaks. I'm not doing so much the blog, which will remain unchanged, but the actual index page. You know, the one that just goes to / instead of /vfxlog/. I've never really had something there, that promoted myself, it's always been the blog. Now, there is a unified front for people that just google me to see my work. No longer will they have to read my vfx ramblings here if they don't want to! (Though I urge you to!)

The site will be the repository of all my reels and images, and it's still very much a work in progress. It is, however, much easier to update now, so the work that I've done will most likely be available to view as soon as the DVD of the movie is out. I will be removing the reels, filmography, galleries, and bio section from the blog part, all that will be on the main index page here. So get your download fix from those sections before I remove the link completely!

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