Paying off?

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With all this news about the Vancouver office of Digital Domain opening up soon, I decided to check IMDB for any other news that might have been released about the company. The latest news just lists a new branch in Vancouver. Just for shits and giggles, I checked their main details page.

Wait.. What? I'm listed as third? How strange.. So I click to get into it for more detail.

Well, I'll be darned. How the hell am I ranked third in the company? Well, according to IMDB at least. How cool is that? Unfortunately (or fortunately, which ever way you look at it), I don't have as much say as any of the other listed executives at the company. It does show however, that I'm definitely putting my name out there! Is it paying off? Who knows, and to what end. I don't know what the payoff is. I just found it interesting! One thing I didn't realize is that DD has a Chicago office too? Wow.

We're about, oh, four (or is it five) weeks into the internship program here, and things are going pretty well.. Tom is on some color correction and roto duty on the show, and he's pulling his weight. One of the vital things that I've tried to do is let Tom try and work his own way, and fail in the process. He gets some direction from me, and then he's off to his own devices for half a day or so. It's not a bad thing. Only with failing in production will he learn how to cope with the problems, and will remember the solutions. Hand-holding is not something I do. A compositor must be self reliant and problem solving, but also be able to work well in a team, take direction, and know when to push the right buttons, as well as know when to not push the wrong ones.


Damn, you're a rock star Aruna!

Kudos on that Aruna!
Seems like you got a lot of fans out there... and DD knowing that.

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