November, November.

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Two months left to go for 2009! It's been an amazing year. Lots of interesting opportunities and a fair bit of travel. On Friday evening the Digital Domain Halloween Party was held. While it was not as huge as previous years, I still had a good time. Kogi BBQ catered the event, which I have grown to become a fan. We actually stayed until the end and started barhopping along Main St with some festival goers!

We've got about another three weeks before Thanksgiving, during which time I'll start introducing the intern into more elaborate Nuke tools. I think I'm pretty on point with the curriculum, as I'm hitting everything that I wanted to hit in the 11 week term. The show has filled up with compers, and we're now about 18 strong. I don't think we'll be getting more, but we'll see. There's still a lot of work to do by our deadline. My workload at the moment is pretty heavy. I've been tasked with quite a few number of shots, several of those are pretty big. I think I have around 25 shots, two of those are.. uhm.. BIG. Working on a Sunday is fairly invigorating, as I can get lots of work done, the farm is empty, and I can blast The Bloodhound Gang.

Speaking of music, last Sunday we hit up the U2 concert over at the Rose Bowl! I've never seen U2 in concert, much less been to a concert in a long time. It was fun! We drove to Pasadena and hung out in the park from about 1pm until 7, and then entered the arena to our seats. Getting out was another matter entirely! We spent an hour in the lot trying to leave. The concert ended at 11:15, we got home at 1:30am! What a night.

I am going to try and write more relevant vfx topics in the future, but it's been extremely busy between DD, Industry Wages, and other personal items that I have not had as much of a chance to update DigitalGypsy.

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