A new week of excitement

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That's the way the beginning of the week starts. New problems to solve, new agendas to set, new things to do. Over the weekend we hit up the San Diego zoo. If you've never been, it is quite spectacular. Last year we went to the Wild Animal Park and bought a season pass for both parks. The Zoo is huge, the enclosures are very nice, and they put a lot of work into the park. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it.

The past week I've introduced the intern to keying in film. This is one of those topics that should be addressed in a vfx course, or at least some methodology, some examples, even some actual real moving film footage to try out. Unfortunately, long gone are the days of perfect bluescreen and greenscreen. Now we're lucky if we get screen at all! Often it's all up to the roto and paint department to help us through this. On this show we've gotten some good greenscreen, to an extent, and it really helps us out. Tom is deep into his third keying test, which amps up the difficulty a little. All the keys that he is pulling for his tests are also keys that the eventual compositor on the shot will start using.


CT! It's me Blind, from SC. Hey, wish I knew you were heading to the Wild Animal Park. My mother and her husband have worked there for years. They could have taken you on an inside tour. Ping me next time you head there.

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