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It's the beginning of October. Can you believe it? Time is just flying by. Let's start this post with purchases. I ended up buying the ZuneHD 32GB version off of Amazon a week or so ago. It was backordered a couple days, but got it last Friday. This is my first PMP, and I'm pretty impressed with it. Fast and responsible UI, great OLED screen and excellent sound quality, given the mp3s that I've thrown at it (320kbps)! It doesn't do OGG or AAC (that I recall) but I don't mind, as most of my collection is in mp3 format. A good tech purchase for me, and I don't do them very often.

Last Tuesday morning I was contacted by Lee from FXMogul, to redo an interview that we had tried a while back for FXMogul radio. It was their second interview, and there were some technical difficulties, if you remember the show. This time for their tenth interview, the tech was more stable, and we were able to have a good 30 minute talk about the work that I do and have done in the past. I talk a little about GI JOE, my schedule, interns, 3D and 2D environment integration, and the status of VFXWages. Click this link to listen to my lovely voice for 30 minutes! Feel free to post a comment here if you have any questions about what I talked about.



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