4 minutes of Speed Racer

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A couple weeks ago, the Wachowskis were at the office, showing us the fancy ShoWest trailer for Speed Racer. It's been put online, and I've been seeing more and more ads for this movie. Check out the new footage over at Slashfilm at this link!

It's been a busy time, with the wrapping up of Racer, and my seque into The Mummy. We've got a lot of shots to do before the Aug 1st US release, so that's one of the reasons why I haven't been religiously updating the blog as often as I'd like. We're having our weekly reviews with the director in house, and it looks to be a fun journey to get this massive undertaking completed! I'll keep you informed as we progress.


Looks awesome. I can't wait to see it soon.

Saw the midnight showing on the IMax last night, I throughly enjoyed the film. I have to admit it took me a bit to get past the stylization of the film with all the obvious 2d and green screen shots but once I finally got used to it all the movie got very entertaining. As per usual I was hoping to see something at the end of the credits but alas. I did catch your though, it looked like DD had the most shots to work on after seeing the DD credits equal about the same number of people in the other studio's credits. My mission now is to talk all the skeptics at the school to go check it out. Well done! It was like watching a live action anime.

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