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Interesting read over on the Huffington Post about the work we did on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. If you haven't seen it yet, go see it! It's also on FXGuide. Oscar contender? We'll see!

From the Huffington Post:

The Holy Grail of computer animation has long been to create a computer generated human character that fools the viewer into thinking they are watching a real person. I've been an animation and visual effects professional for about twenty years, I've seen David Fincher's film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and I'll tell you this; the effects team at Digital Domain did it.

From FXGuide:

Audiences are reeling in amazement at the artistry & technical polish of David Fincher's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. But even those with an appreciation of the power of vfx will be stunned to learn that for the first 52 minutes of this epic motion picture, the head of Brad Pitt's character is a CGI creation. Bill Dawes speaks to DD VFX Supervisor Eric Barba about the process Barba dubbed "emotion capture".


You guys did do a fantastic job with the first 50 mins of the film. The head replacement work is fantastic and seamless. Did it ever feel digital, no. Very well rendered, well animated and brilliantly composited (Nuke? Discreet? In house unknowns?) Either way super kudos and the Oscar for VFX is very well deserving.

Unfortunately I did not like the 2nd and 3rd acts of the film. Not a great script and at times shallow and vapid. But none the less the VFX work is exceptional.

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