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That's the box office take of Wolverine over the weekend. We caught the late show on Saturday night, and it was pretty packed. The question I have for studios is... Did the leaked version a month ago have any effect on the box office take of this movie? Did it pique interest, or not? Will studios use this as a tool to further the agenda that piracy has an effect on movie viewing? 87 million is a hefty number, and it will of course drop next weekend with Star Trek coming out, so they won't be able to compare week after week numbers. I didn't see the pirated copy, but I'm curious if it contained, more of less, the main story.

Tonight we head off to see the cast and crew screening of Star Trek. It's over on the Paramount lot tonight. Should be fun, I'm looking forward to it!


Thats awesome, can't wait to hear how that goes. I had that conversation with a lot of guys at work and in general. I was actually pretty shocked that people kept coming back to me with the same "I can't wait to see it with the fx completed". It didn't seem to steer any of the people I spoke to away from seeing it in theaters.

I just have to say, I've been following your blog for maybe around a year and a half, maybe two. I saw the Star Trek premiere myself, up here in Vancouver, and it was great. Good work!

I noticed you in the credits under DD, and made sure to point out your name and tell everyone about your blog here at the studio.



(Also, I made everyone sign up for VFXWages as well.)

I'm in China right now and the unfinished version is pretty much all you can get here. Being a big fan of the previous three movies I couldn't wait so I watched it. I didn't really like the movie that much, while characters are cool I think the story falls short. Regardless, I do want to go and see it in the theater when I get back to the states. The reason for me is to see if I get the same impression after I see the finished version. I doubt that the cut is any different, but it will be interesting to see if the story gets more palatable with all the eye candy finished. So I guess in my case, the studios didn't loose anything.


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