Percy Jackson & The Olympians

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A new trailer for the show is out! You'll have to click the title of this entry to view this at it's optimal width of 600pixels.

<a href="" target="_new" title="'Percy Jackson & the Olympians' trailer">Video: 'Percy Jackson & the Olympians' trailer</a>

A couple of my shots are in here, they include the first Hydra breathing fire shot, and the first water explosion shot. They're still in progress.


I've often wondered, knowing that your shot is not 100% yet, are you happy to be included in the trailer - "hey check out my work, it's an awesome shot" - or is it more like - "No, don't show that, it's not quite right yet!"?

It seems like it would be flattering to have your shot highlighted, but at the same time, if you're not done...

It depends! Sometimes I will work on a shot and it will be a client final, and that will go into the trailer, and I'm happy with it. More often than not, these days, we will have a trailer delivery, which can mean that the shots in the trailer are NOT final. Most houses have a setup like this, as the studios can construct trailers to sell the movie to theater chains and/or the public, and the vfx don't have to be completely finished, just polished enough. In that case, I'm usually not satisfied with the work that I put in the trailer, but I know I'll have time to polish it for the film.

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