Forgotten Flame

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Yesterday I was busy rendering away one of my Pirates shots on the farm, and I had a small amount of downtime while I waited. A coworker of mine was lucky enough to snag a seat in our row that had a Flame outlet earlier in production, and she was away from her desk with the Flame login screen sitting there. Given it's been ages since I jumped on one, I decided to see what had changed from the last one I used (7.7.1) four years ago to this one (9.5).. And you know what changed? Me.. After logging in and seeing the familiar desktop, I looked through all the menus and promptly forgot how to do anything! I did manage to get into Action again, but that's about it. Of course, I had only spent about 3 minutes looking through the various menus, and most of the things are still there. Ah, time..

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