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After a short six weeks, I'm back at work here at Digital Domain, working on the next big show! It doesn't start off slow, that's for sure. I've already got 16 shots on my plate! At the moment the show is under NDA, I'll reveal it later once it's been publicized at a location other than here!

Over the weekend I hit Phoenix to see my brother. Like many of you may already know, he's deep in production on his inaugural game, working with two other artists full time to hit their internal deadlines. His company, Coin App, is doing well, and the game, Max Blastronaut, looks fricking wicked. I got a chance to play a couple minutes, and it's pretty good. There's some polish that they're still working on, and I haven't played anything quite like it. It's got worlds like Spore and Super Mario Galaxy, with the fighting dynamics of something like Streets of Rage, crossed with something I'd like to call awesome. There're gravity nukes, orbit shots, fuel drops, four player mayhem, and more! I've embedded a Youtube video of some footage I shot with my MinoHD, check it out below. Warning, dogs bark midway through the video.

There are also a bunch of other Official videos put up by the Coin App team! Check them out here. They've already started development on the next several games, very dissimilar to this. I got a chance to see their next pitch video for another game, You guys are on top of it. What you're seeing in the video above is what three guys working very hard over the past 8 to 12 months can build from scratch! Kudos guys, and all the best.

Some more publicity for VFXWages is out there! Make sure you pick up (or read at the library) 3DWorld Magazine Issue 119, which has an article about the website! I haven't had a chance to pick it up, but I have heard that it is on newsstands now. The cover price is $15.99 US, as it is a UK mag. On an informal note, has anyone use it to their advantage yet? I'd love to hear if it's helped you out in getting a ballpark figure for your previous or next job role. We DO have more improvements coming that haven't been uploaded to the public beta site! I know that everyone needs their immediate fix, but bear with us. The majority of the creative arts industry has yet to even hear of us! I've spent some of my time in the last couple weeks prepping business proposals, and sending them out to hopefully get a response! I have not sent any to VC companies just yet, I'm still making the web-startup contests and challenges. I'm pretty close to being comfortable in sending out my first package though. A couple more statistics and pages, and it should be ready! It takes a long time.

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