Weeks go by

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rupert sunsetWeeks go by, and I've got nothing to show for it! In actuality, I've been on a long vacation. I have two months away from work for the summer, to recuperate. I did some vital work on VFXWages, we're applying for funding! Well, actually, we're applying to pitch for funding. I should know before the end of the month how that will go. In addition, a couple weeks ago I did an interview with 3D World Magazine, in the UK. They're publishing a story this month about VFXWages in their print magazine. I'm anticipating changing the name of the site over soon though, as we don't really cater exclusively to VFX artists. If you get a chance to read the article, let me know how it is! I'll be searching for a local copy around LA.

vfs2.jpgIn the past couple weeks we've had a chance to head back up to Vancouver, Canada, and see some old friends and coworkers. I'm sorry for those that I missed! It was so very quick, and there were people I couldn't get time to see! The image to the left is of a sunset in Prince Rupert, taken at about 9:30pm or so. While back in Vancouver, last Thursday I did an alumni talk at VFS to a bunch of term 4,5 and 6 students, and watched three demo reels, all of which show promise. It was almost three hours long, and arranged on short notice! I did have some pictures taken, I'll be sure and put them up soon. While I was also in Vancouver we went and saw Transformers 2! Mind you, I did turn my brain off for most of it, and for that, I enjoyed it. Would I see it again? Maybe. Here's some juicy stuff from Gizmodo about some of the work Digital Domain did on the show.


Speaking of interviews hasraf(http://hazvfx.com/) did an interview with the cmi folks and mentioned you as one of his major influences.
"Do you have any artists that you looked up to while getting into the biz? Someone that might have influenced your decision in becoming a compositor?"

"yeah totally.. I think one name comes to mind is Aruna (thats his name on vfxtalk.com too) who currently works at Digital Domain.. I remember reading about him compositing at Tippet studios and how open his website was with knowledge.. I said to myself im going to be just like that..


savvy that ;)

How'd you get so buff ???


Ooh cool! Fancy! Thanks for the link, and a good interview too.

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