The Week in Review

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As I wait for some of my renders to complete, I thought I'd share what sorts of things happened this week.. Most of it is Pirates related, but there were several bonus items that happened as well! Tuesday evening we had monthlies, which is a gathering of DD folk, and we watch everything accomplished during the month from the entire studio. Lots of great commercial spots, and work in progress from all our films that we're currently working on. To name a few, Transformers and Pirates. It's definitely coming along, and there are some really cool sequences that I can't wait to see completed! We also got a chance to see a significant number of completed Meet The Robinsons shots, in 3D. Not that old school anaglyph stuff, but in polarized light! It was pretty impressive, considering the amount of work that we had to do to create a 3D shot from 2D imagery! Luckily we had some talented supervisors and technical artists that had built a fairly efficient pipeline to accomplish the massive number of shots for the show (over 1600!)

I've been handed a couple more shots to start.. I am unsure as to whether I'll finish them though. I've got a good technique down to complete some of the more complex shots in the sequence that I'm working on, and so I've been prepping them for some of the other artists, possibly. So this Saturday morning I'm in and cleaning up the script, making it pass-able to another artist.

Yesterday, Friday, we had a sneak preview, well, actually, just a review, of some of the effects work that the fx team is doing for our show. It wasn't really a sneak preview, since we're currently working on the effects, but there were definitely some eye pleasing visuals from the team. I remember a couple of years ago when water was the tough item to create, along with fire and smoke. Well, I've gotta say, that those days are long gone. After seeing the work, I"m still amazed that all this stuff comes from the computer. The talent behind all this imagery still continues to amaze me.

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