Crazy shot counts.

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Yep, it just gets crazier and crazier. In addition to creating stereoscopic comps, I'm also pumping them out one every other day or so now. Mind you, it's pretty straightforward. I'm not doing a huge amount of creative work, but a lot of problem solving, splitting shots in different layers so I can project them in 3D, and doing occasional clean up and pick up work. So far I've finalled about 30 shots in the two months I've been on the show (I started on this show on November 5th), and I've got four that I'm working on now. I'm switching gears pretty soon though.. Going from Robinsons land to Pirates land in a couple weeks. Meet The Robinsons was a transition show for me while they ramped up for Pirates, and now it's getting into full swing. They say that there'll be some sweet work for me to do once I get on.. The kind of shots that'll take me the entire show to do. Nice. Finally something I can sink my teeth into.

As it stands now, I will not be attending the VES Show & Tell again this year! Work has me committed this weekend, as next Monday is a holiday. I guess my 55+ hours a week isn't enough! My next huge break will most likely be in March or April, whenever we deliver Pirates. Then, I can tackle all the projects that have fallen on the back burner.

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