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Another premiere today for the DD crew.. Zoom comes out in theatres, and there's a good article over at VFXWorld describing some of the effects that Digital Domain accomplished for the show.. While I did not work on the film, I had a chance to see some of the completed effects in our Monthlies. Here's the article, and a small excerpt.

Alain Bielik enrolls in superhero academy of Zoom to discover first hand how the vfx wizards behind the scenes made it all a reality.

Just like Galaxy Quest was playing the Star Trek mythology for laughs, Zoom is a comedy playing with the superhero frenzy. Both movies have Tim Allen as the reluctant down on his luck hero. In Zoom (released by Columbia Pictures on Aug. 11), he portrays an out-of-shape former superhero who has lost his powers. He must now teach a group of unwilling teen superheroes how to control their special skills... and ultimately how to save the world.

As with any superhero movie, visual effects played a key part in visualizing the special powers of the characters. To this purpose, director Peter Hewitt turned to Digital Domain and to visual effects supervisor Mark Forker. In charge of producing some 280 shots, the team also included vfx producers David James and Todd Isroelit, digital effects supervisor Serge Sretschinsky and CG supervisor Johnny Gibson.

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