Zoic Summer Fest

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zoic.jpgLast night I had the fortunate opportunity to visit Zoic Studios in Culver City for their annual SummerFest gathering. A number of artists from the surrounding areas converged into this concrete and mortar behemoth on the outskirts of Culver City. Overall at it's peak, it looked like close to 100 people were milling about the interior of the facility. Inside, the architecture was very nice.. Large beams of wood were strewn about the place and were key members holding up the building, giving it a futuristic log cabin feel.

There was plentiful food and drink and music, and they had their reels on a projection loop in the main lobby. I met several people from Zoic, and managed to tour the facility and see their Flame and production suites. Overall it seemed like a very cool place to hang out and work. Nice people, nice work on the commercial and film side, and also some great TV work. Posters from Battlestar Galactica and Firefly adorn the walls. I also met an artist that works in Santa Monica that didn't know anyone there, like myself, so we chatted and discussed the state of the industry until the wee hours of the morning. When we finally left at around 9:30pm there were still a number of people milling about and chatting. I'm not a huge crowd person, and usually like a small gathering of close friends than a huge number of acquaintances, but it was good regardless of the amount of people I didn't know. :)

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