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It comes with the territory, I guess. Recently I've been feeling that the work I've been doing isn't up to par. It's a really frustrating thing, since I feel that I have to make a good impression here, in addition to compositing my shots. It doesn't help that I've had to learn an entirely new piece of software, a new pipeline, and trying to figure out who to listen to. On a different note, ever have that moment where you add something neat and cool to a shot, and it goes for a while before someone notices it and says we didn't budget for that? Or we didn't plan on having that in there? And that person was the one who originally asked to put it in to see what it would look like? Ya. That sucks. I like to get feedback from everyone, but it sucks when I get told something contradictory a week or two later, after they've had a chance to see stuff.

Yep, it makes me feel like a noob sometimes. Even after eight years. I think it's almost time to figure out where I want to be and stick with it.

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