SVE Voting Results

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This morning the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced the Primetime nominees. A couple of weeks ago I participated in the SVE voting, and here are the results of that process. As expected, these shows were the cream of the crop out of all that were shown that day. Now we must narrow down the final five to choose the winner, which will be announced August 19th. Personally, I think it's a tough group this year. Some really spectacular invisible and not so invisible effects.

Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series

Battlestar Galactica • Resurrection Ship (Part 2) • Sci Fi Channel • R&D Television in association with NBC Universal Television Studios
Gary Hutzel, Visual Effects Supervisor
Michael Gibson, Senior Visual Effects Coordinator
Doug Drexler, Digital Supervisor
Steve Kullback, Visual Effects Coordinator
Mark Shimer, Lead Visual Effects Animator
Chris Zapara, CGI Supervisor
Lane Jolly, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Kyle Toucher, Visual Effects Animator
Daniel Osaki, Lead CGI Model Maker

Lost • Live Together, Die Alone (Part 1 & 2) • ABC • Grass Skirt Productions, LLC in association with Touchstone Television
Kevin Blank, Visual Effects Supervisor
Mitch Suskin, Visual Effects Supervisor
Jay Worth, Visual Effects Coordinator
Scott Dewis, 3D Animator
Steve Fong, Compositor
Spencer Levy, 3D Supervisor
Eric Chauvin, Matte Painter
Archie Ahuna, Special Effects Coordinator
Bob Lloyd, Compositor

Perfect Disaster • Super Tornado • Discovery Channel • Impossible Pictures in association with Discovery Channel
Gareth Edwards, Visual EffectsSupervisor/Producer/Compositor/Animator/Matte Artist
Bob Trevino, Special Effects Supervisor

Rome • The Stolen Eagle • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with the BBC
Barrie Hemsley, Visual Effects Producer
James Madigan, Visual Effects Supervisor
Joe Pavlo, Visual Effects Supervisor
Duncan Kinnaird, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Dan Pettipher, CGI Supervisor
Michele Sciolette, CGI Supervisor
Charles Darby, Lead Matte Artist
Clare Herbert, Visual Effects Coordinator
Anna Panton, Visual Effects Coordinator

Surface • Episode #101 • NBC • Pates in association with NBC Universal Television Studio
Mitch Suskin, Visual Effects Supervisor
Dave Morton, Digital Animation Supervisor
Eric Hance, Digital Artist
John Teska, Lead Character Artist
Pierre Drolet, Lead Modeler
Eric Chauvin, Matte Artist
Steve Fong, Digital Compositor
Neil Sopata, Digital Artist

Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special

Before The Dinosaurs • Discovery Channel • An Impossible Pictures production in association with Discovery Channel
Tim Greenwood, Visual Effects Supervisor
Neil Glasbey, Lead Visual Effects Animator
Chloe Leland, Visual Effects Producer
Nigel Booth, Lead Model Maker
Jeremy Hunt, Lead Model Maker
Darren Horley, Lead Matte Artist
Peter Thorn, Visual Effects Cameraman
Darren Byford, CG Supervisor

Into The West • Hell On Wheels • TNT • Dreamworks Television
Tim McHugh, Visual Effects Supervisor
Craig Weiss, Visual Effects Supervisor
Glenn Campbell, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Christopher DeCristo, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Christopher Moore, Compositor
Niel Wray, CGI Supervisor
Don L. McCoy, CGI Supervisor
George Garcia, Lead Matte Artist
Eric Ehemann, CGI Animator

Mammoth • Sci Fi Channel • Pliny Minor Productions in association with Sci Fi Network
Armen Kevorkian, Visual Effects Supervisor
Liz Castro, Visual Effects Producer
Matt Scharf, Visual Effects Coordinator
David Morton, Lead Matte Artist
Christian Bloch, CGI Supervisor
Stefan Bredereck, Lead CGI Animator
Jason Zimmerman, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Spencer Levy, CGI Supervisor
Scott Dewis, Lead CGI Animator

The Nightingale (Great Performances) • PBS • Agat Films & Cie, Arte France and Mikros Image in association with Thirteen/WNET New York and Image Plus, Schweizer Fernsehen DRS, AVRO Television, ORF, SVT, YLE, and ARTV
Hugues Namur, Visual Effects Supervisor
Paul Carteron, Special Effects Supervisor
Morgan Sagel, Lead CGI Artist
Anne Chatelain, Lead CGI Artist
Oliver Garcelon, Lead CGI Animator
Alexander Gregoire, Lead Visual Effects Animator
Guillaume Ho Tsong Fang, CGI Supervisor
Ugo Bimar, CGI Supervisor
Julien Limouse, Lead Visual Effects Compositor

The Triangle • Part 1 • Sci Fi Channel • Bad Hat Harry Productions and Electric Entertainment
Marc Weigert, Visual Effects Supervisor
Volker Engel, Visual Effects Supervisor
Ingo Putze, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Robin Graham, Visual Effects Compositing Technical Director
Todd Sheridan Perry, Senior CG Technical Director
Conrad Murrey, Lead CG Animator
Sam Khorshid, CG Animator
Paul Graff, Visual Effects Compositor
Ben Grossman, Visual Effects Compositor

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