Oh so close.

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It's about to hit 8am on on a Thursday here, and we've got about 24 hours to finish up a massive amount of shots. I arrived at work about a half hour ago, and have already got jobs on the farm. I'm the only one on the show so far that's here, but I'm an early bird. I figure the other artists work late into the night, even if I was here with them until 10:30! I had foregone my usual gym ritual this morning in order to get a headstart today, as it's going ot be jam packed. Similar to my very last day of Pirates, but hopefully not too crazy! That day was getting into the office at 6am, and working till 1am. But at least all the shots got approved.

I, and most of the crew, worked the long Labor Day weekend. Over that weekend I ended up finalling my shots, which was great news, so I got handed another shot to help out on. On Tuesday a couple became unfinalled for small notes. But now they're fixed again, and I'm back on yet another shot! Two more shots to go, to finish today! They also have a new poster. The title of the project is now The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising. The hope is that this will do well, and the next couple of books in the trilogy will be made. Time will tell.

This upcoming weekend is the VFXTalk Usergroup Meeting! I'll be there, along with a host of other industry folk, hanging out and talking about the world of vfx. It's a very informal gathering, but we've managed to obtain several presentations for our inaugural meeting. The companies are Method Studios, Luma Pictures, and Digital Domain. You'll get a chance to see their compositing reels, and hear directly from the artists about the creation of the effects of their shots!

Also in two days is the Creative Arts awards ceremony for the Emmys! On Tuesday there was a TD&SVE voting session which narrowed down the top five to the final winner. We find out who that winner is on Saturday evening. I have a couple friends who were again nominated this year for their work on Battlestar Galactica and Eureka, here's to hoping they win this year! Good luck everyone!

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