59th Emmy VFX Nominees Announced

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Congratulations guys! The nominees for Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series.

Battlestar Galactica • Exodus, Part 2 • Sci Fi Channel • R+D TV in association with NBC Universal Television Studio
Tom Archer, Lead Compositor
Brenda Campbell, Lead Compositor
Doug Drexler, CG Supervisor
Michael Gibson, Senior VFX Coordinator
Jeremy Hoey, Lead Matte Painter
Gary Hutzel, VFX Supervisor
Andrew Karr, CGI Supervisor
Alec McClymont, Lead CGI Artist/ Animator
Adam 'Mojo' Lebowitz, CGI Sequence Designer

Eureka • Pilot • Sci Fi Channel • NBC Universal Television Studio
Elizabeth Alvarez, Visual Effects Coordinator
Jamie Clark, Lead CGI Artist / Animator
Jarrod Davis, CGI Supervisor
Ben Funk, Lead Matte Artist
Robert Habros, Visual Effects Supervisor
Lane Jolly, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Darren Marcox, Special Effects Supervisor
Matthew S. Gore, Visual Effects Producer
Tom Tennisco, Lead Model Maker

Grey's Anatomy • Walk On Water • ABC • ABC Studios
Mike Cook, Lead Visual Effects Animator
Diego Galvieri, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Eric Grenaudier, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Al Lopez, CGI Supervisor
Sam Nicholson, Visual Effects Supervisor
Anthony Ocampo, Lead Model Maker
Val Pfahning, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Scott Ramsey, Visual Effects Supervisor/ Producer

Heroes • Five Years Gone • NBC • Tailwind Productions in association with NBC Universal Television Studio
Gary D'Amico, Special Effects Supervisor
Diego Galtieri, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Ragui Hanna, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Mark Kolpack, Visual Effects Supervisor
Daniel Kumiega, Lead CGI Animator
Chris Martin, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Jon Rosenthal, Lead CGI Artist
Mark Spatny, Visual Effects Producer
Cedric Tomacruz, Lead Matte Artist

Rome • Philippi • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with the BBC
Daniel Acon, Special Effects Supervisor
Gary Brozenich, CGI Supervisor
Barrie Hemsley, Visual Effects Producer
Merrin Jensen, Visual Effects Producer
Duncan Kinnaird, CGI Supervisor
Doug Larmour, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
James Madigan, VFX Supervisor
Anna Panton, Visual Effects Producer
Paula Pope, Visual Effects Coordinator

Continue on the link below to see the nominees for Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special.

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee • HBO • Wolf Film/Traveler's Rest Film in association with HBO Films
Jospeh Bell, Visual Effects Coordinator
Erik Bruhwiler, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Chris Del Conte , Visual Effects Producer
Benoit Girard, CGI Supervisor
David Goldberg, Visual Effects Supervisor
Justin Mitchell, Lead Visual Effects Animator
Andrew Roberts, Lead CGI Animator
Tammy Sutton, Lead CGI Artist
Tommy Tran, Lead Matte Artist

Drive • The Starting Line • Fox.com • 20th Century Fox Television
Jamie Clark, CG Artist
Jarrod Davis, CG Supervisor
Chris Jones, Technical Director
Steve Meyer, Senior Compositor
Tyler Nathan, Compositor
Nate Overstrom, Compositor
Loni Peristere, VFX Supervisor
Mark Shimer, CG Artist
Raoul Yorke Bolognini , VFX Producer

Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From The Stories Of Stephen King • The End Of The Whole Mess • TNT • Ostar Productions
Jiri Forejt, 2D Leading Composition
Jan Heusler, 2D Leading Composition
Vit Komrzy, VFX Producer
Jiri Linhart, Senior Animator
Monika Pavlickova, VFX Coordinator
Jaroslav Poklensky, 3D Senior Animator
Peter Stubbs, Special FX Supervisor
Marc Van Buuren, VFX Producer
David Vana, VFX Supervisor

Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King • Battleground • TNT • Ostar Productions
Michael Cook, Lead CGI Model Maker
Eric Grenaudier, Visual Effects Supervisor
Daniel Kumiega, Lead CGI Animator
Adalberto Lopez, CGI Supervisor
Sam Nicholson, Visual Effects Supervisor
Megan Omi, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Mark Spatny, Visual Effects Producer
Marc van Buuren, Visual Effects Producer
Ryan Wieber, Lead Visual Effects Compositor

Secrets Of The Deep • Discovery Channel • Impossible Pictures in association with Discovery Channel
Adam Burnett, Lead CGI Artist
Antony Carysforth, Lead Visual Effects Animator
Theo Facey, Lead CGI Artist
Pete Farrer, Visual Effects Producer
Tim Greenwood, Visual Effects Supervisor
Jason Horley, Lead Matte Artist
Pete Metelko, Lead CGI Artist
Lorna Paterson, Visual Effects Producer

The Path To 9/11 • Night 2 • ABC • Marc Platt Productions in association with ABC Studios
Ian Britton, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Tavia Charlton, Visual Effects Coordinator
Robert Crowther, Visual Effects Producer
Graham Cunningham, Lead CGI Artist
Kristijan Danilovski, CGI Supervisor
Andrew Nguyen, Lead Matte Artist
Anthony Paterson, Visual Effects Supervisor
Joel Skeete, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Tom Turnbull, Visual Effects Supervisor

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