SHO's For Your Consideration

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Over the weekend I received the first batch of Emmy goodies! It was a small container of only about three DVDs, with select episodes from their line-up which included, Dexter, Weeds, The L Word, and The Tudors, to name a few. It wasn't as jam packed as it has been in the past, but it was a good little thing to receive. There has been a big change this year for Showtime. They are no longer sending out full seasons of their shows! Instead, to save on shipping and expenses, they've decided to put all the seasons' episodes online for every show so that we can watch them without DVDs! Tis a shame on one side, but great on another. I usually love to get the DVDs, so we can watch the episodes over and over again. However, it's much nicer to use the streaming videos of all the episodes. The quality is very good, and there's virtually no buffering, save for starting a clip or fastforwarding to a different part of a show. They're using Brightcove streaming. Not too bad. Luckily we have an HTPC hooked up to the TV, so we can watch them properly in the living room.

Let's see how the rest of the studios react to this, and whether they'll spend the money on shipping DVDs to every member or set up their own streaming video server.

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