Sony Two Worlds

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Holy.. No sooner than FXGuide does some cool features on Real Steel, but the first commercial I helped out with at DD is online and there's a making of. I was only on the show for the last two or three weeks helping the team out on this stereo commercial (is this the first stereo commercial out there?). Here's the commercial from Vimeo:


And here's the six minute making of.


Nice - love it - hope I can catch it some time...

It's definitely not the first stereo commercial out there - it's actually not even the first stereo commercial for Sony...

A couple of our guys worked with another company here in London on a stereo commercial for Sony Bravia TVs in mid-2010 - this one: (the ad was directed by Jonathan Glazer)

We also worked with Passion Pictures on an Audi ad that was in stereo earlier this year.


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