Not a lot of news.

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It's been pretty slow after the big Siggraph gatherings of last week. However, this week flew by pretty quickly, as the darkness is taking over my waking life. I'm getting closer to narrowing down this look for one of the more elaborate shots in the show, and there are several other artists working on similar looks. We've only got a couple more weeks until the end of the show, and it's all getting pretty dicey!

It can get pretty intimidating working with a new crew. For this show I'm finally working with Kelly for the first time, and both of us are trying to get to know the others' strengths. There are also brand new coordinators which I'm getting used to, and since this show is on a short schedule, it's an accelerated learning curve! There are still a lot of people I have yet to meet here at Digital Domain, it's that big. In addition, there is significant turnover when shows come and go!

I received my first voting panel in the mail from the Academy yesterday. This year I'll be voting on the Comedy and Drama series, in addition to Special Visual Effects. Currently the nominees are 30 Rock, Entourage, The Office, Two and a Half Men, and Ugly Betty. Usually I choose to vote on Miniseries and Specials, but those take up a huge amount of time, since each nomination can go for over four hours. At least Comedy and Drama nominations only take up about a half hour to an hour each. Much more doable with my current workload.

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