In the midst.

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I'm in the midst of things these days, hence the reason why there hasn't been a copious amount of updates! As soon as the weekend comes, I promise I will update you all on the situation. Last Friday was another DD monthlies screening, which I unfortunately missed. Things have been so hectic, from learning nuke, getting acclimated to the LA area, and in general, moving from one big city to another, that I am so tired at the end of the day that I just want to crash.

At the moment I'm getting settled in here in Santa Monica, and now that my systems are back at home, I can update the blog outside of work! The show is going steady, and we're about to start really gearing up for the sequences to come, so I don't know how often I will be updating the site with Digital Domain news, but there's always other news to tell you!

In that vein, I've been receiving a bunch of Emmy DVDs, like clockwork. The packaging from the studios this year is quite impressive, and unlike anything from years previous. I'll be sure and take a couple photos once I find the camera among the boxes and hook it up to the machine. A couple of VES screenings are coming up, MI:3 in two days and Over The Hedge in a week or two.

This year Siggraph is being held in Boston, and while I would love to attend, it looks like the show is going to demand all my attention come July/August. I hope to get some time off after the show to relax, but we'll see when that happens. Maybe in August? Maybe in September?

It seems like I just got down here, but it's been 35 days! There's more to come, you crazy kids.

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