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Ah.. So the deadline is today. Well, one of the deadlines. We'll hopefully be getting feedback sometime tonight, tomorrow, and Friday on the work that we've done on our last spot for the client.

Everything's looking pretty good, but it seems that the more and more I look at my shots, I feel they could be improved! A little light tweak here, a little more glow there, a better background, a better key, or a better color correct. Like I say, "It's always ninety-nine percent complete." The key here is to LIKE what you've done at 99 percent! And of course, you've got to make sure that the client likes what he sees 100%.

Right now we're waiting for our director/vfx supervisor to give us the heave ho on our shots. I've got two down, one more to go! Hopefully it'll be good to shoot and we'll be done, until tomorrow. The next tasks are to create breakdowns and archive. I'm really not sure if we'll be able to get copies of these commercials. I'm not even sure when they'll be on German TV! I'm pretty sure we'll have copies of the clips on the Tippett site, so make sure you check that out in the near future.

After a very brief amount of downtime, depending on if we have outstanding notes from Kraft (knock on wood), I'll be moving over to another set of commercials for a US client, Chevrolet. That looks to be a fun set of commercials too! Not sure how many shots we're doing or what exactly we are doing, but it's a car company. It's gotta be something with cars, right? ;) I think we'll have the same amount of crew on that show (one lead comp, three compers total). I've had a really enjoyable time on Milka, despite my posting earlier in the month about burn-out. I still enjoy doing visual effects, but I guess we all have are down days or weeks.

Ah.. Just got word that my latest shot was given the greenlight. So three down, none to go. Sweet.

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