Fantastic Four Redux

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This latest comic from Penny Arcade is sure to cause a chuckle. I love their comic style and wry wit. It does give cause to wonder exactly what the producers were thinking. I guess they are trying to capitalize on the success of the comic-movie blockbusters. I guess they haven't figured out that story rules.

A good friend is working on this film, and I have high hopes for the visual effects! Time will tell. Click here for an external link to the quicktime trailer.

Last night in my guild chat window, I referred to the Fantastic Four trailer as grotesque - which I believe puts me in the running for biggest Goddamn nerd ever. It's a post whose rigors I plan to take very seriously. One of the responsibilities I've inherited is the creation of smart-alecky comic strips, which impugn the motives of potentially noble people.

Every film conversion of a beloved property - even the one most people consider a largely successful enterprise - engages in confounding deviations from canon. It doesn't really do to act startled by it anymore. Let us charitably stow away the notion that Jessica Alba could, in any coherent universe, represent the person of Sue Storm in any way. Even when one withdraws the easy targets, this trailer looks like it was made on a dare during second lunch.

A Fantastic Four movie seems like sort of a sure thing, which is why I don't understand the stingy production values. But then it's like, oh, right. It's a sure thing. And we can be reliably expected to sit in front of any moving picture. Indeed, we will pay! So, I guess that's one mystery solved.

Read more over at Penny Arcade!

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