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Do you know what I love most about this job? This visual effects one, where I work 45+ hours a week?  It because the outcome is cool shit like this.

And this.

Sure, story is non existent, and it might bomb at the box office because of it, but HOLY cow. It's effects like these that just really make me love my job.. Who cares where the creatures comes from or that the storyline might suck.  It just looks COOL. So all you artists that feel jaded and under appreciated, I still respect the work you do. I mean, look at it. Who didn't appreciate Optimus Prime wrecking havoc in Chicago? Or Shockwave just tearing it up?  That stuff is gold. It's just Fucking Awesome. 

So go hug a visual effects artist for making these visuals amazing.  Hell, buy him or her a beer or lunch. And go to the movies! 


Amen. I'll buy you that beer!

but just imagine a good script with great characters that you actually care about in a movie with these cool fx! I think there's room for both.

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