ShoWest Speed Racer Trailer

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Yesterday around 2pm the Wachowskis came into the studio to show us the ShoWest trailer for Speed Racer. For those of you that attended ShoWest during the week, you may have already seen it. The domestic US trailer has some of the clips that are show in the ShoWest one, but this was extended a couple extra minutes. There was a lot of very very sweet work that the facilities have done, and it does get your adrenaline pumping, with the music, the lights, the cars, the sound effects. We've only been working on our own little sequences, not really seeing how it ties in with the rest of the shots, or the movie itself.

I'm back at work this morning on a Sunday, helping out final some shots. Pretty much everyone is working seven days a week these days! I think there are about 50-60 compositors in house just on this show, but I haven't really counted. It's been pretty jampacked in here for the last several months!

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