It's closing in

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The deadline is fast approaching. I can't believe that we've only got a couple more weeks, and then the show is all over! I don't where the other studios are in the deadlines. Currently the companies finishing up the show are ILM, DD, the Orphanage, Evil Eye, Gentle Giant, and Asylum. I think Pac Title is doing some finishing work, and Proof, like always, is doing the previs. We had a previs artist earlier in the year who they placed next to me, and we got a chance to talk during his several months here. It was quite interesting talking to him about the state of the industry, and where he fit in, in the pipeline. The work he, and the other previs artists in the industry, are doing is vital. They're responsible for creating some of the dynamic shots in all the movies you like to see while keeping the show on budget and efficient. They figure out what sort of moves an actual or virtual camera rig is capable of, so you're not surpised when you get on set. Another group of unsung heroes! He's now off our show, now working with the team on Avatar here in LA.

The great thing, or one of the great things, about working on this show is that occasionally we'll need to shoot some extra elements for certain sequences. The stage and lot has been closed down several times to facilate the extra shooting schedule. We've had some really cool element shoots out there, from ships to smoke to debris. Come March 19th, you'll see a lot of cool work and extra bits that some of the artists did for the trailer. Which reminds me, that's coming out in two days, and like you, I haven't seen it yet, and no, I don't have any shots in the trailer for this film.

The 17 shots that are still on my plate, are, well... still on my plate. No finals, just consistent tweaks. They may get added to or removed, depending on my workload in the future, and how busy I'll be with them and with helping some of the other artists. If you noticed on my gallery page lately that I've listed last years movies (Flags, Letters, and Charlotte's Web) with coming soon dates of early this year.. Well, that's not happening, as you can tell! I've got such a limited amount of time that I haven't had a chance to get the DVDs and start doing some breakdowns. I'm hoping come end of April I'll have something added there and in the Case Studies section of VFXTalk.

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