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Did you know that Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, comes out on May 25th? That gives all the companies involved about two months to get cracking, and finish the show. Suffice to say, I'm here at Work, on President's Day, to help finish the shots that I've been assigned. It's only going to get busier and busier. The shots are very ambitious, and while I'm doing a number of difficult shots, they are not overly complex. They're not as cool as the ones I did for Constantine or Hellboy, ones that were signature to the film. However, these composites are difficult in their own right. If I do everything correctly, you'll never know that it's an effects shot.

Over the weekend I met with my VES intern, Alana, who I'll be mentoring for the next three months. We met previously at other VES events at Image Metrics and Fotokem. We sat down together at Otis and went over my reel, describing some aspects of visual effects that I had encountered, as well as explain some of the terms and tips on what we accomplished in the shots shown. I also went through her thesis, and what she hopes to accomplish for her final projects, which are ambitious, but doable. I also had a chance to explain float space vs 8bit and 16bit space using Shake, as well as touch upon color channels, which many students won't get a chance to use until they hit actual production. Overall, it was a very productive meeting. We'll be meeting again to discuss her progress in the shots she's decided to do.

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