Close to the Finish Line

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Yep.. Only a couple more days! I'll be finishing up Letters from Iwo Jima with a record 39 shots. I was hoping for fewer shots, but more elaborate ones. Most of the stuff I'm doing you'd be hard pressed to figure out what was added or changed. A couple of the compers are working on some spectacular stuff, and their shot count is around six to ten. And some stuff other compers are working on are things you'd never notice as vfx shots. Very cool. I can't recall the shot count for this show, but I think it's bordering around 200? Seems about right. Almost every week for the past several months, Clint has been coming in to see our shots and approve them, so we're somewhere in the double digits now.

Tonight we have the cast and crew screening of Flags of our Fathers, somewhere in Hollywood. The Red Carpet premiere was earlier this week on Monday, and seems to have been getting great reviews. A bunch of the artists here are going in a limo when '40s dress. Should be an interesting time.

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