Another Shot in Cinefex

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Cinefex 107 is out, covering Pirates 2, A Scanner Darkly, The Fountain, and Flags of our Fathers to name a few! I happened to be browsing through it at work today, and while we don't have as impressive a spread as Pirates 2, we do have a couple pages with some juicy screenshots from the film.. Be sure to pick it up when you get the chance! One of my shots appears in the issue, and it looks much better than I remember it. Not sure what sort of print magic they did to it, but it's on page 46 if you're so inclined. If I can get a scan of it I might be able to put it up for you to see. Here's what Cinefex has to say about Flags.

The iconographic photograph of six young soldiers raising the American flag during World War II's bloody battle of Iwo Jima serves as the focal point of Flags of our Fathers, director Clint Eastwood's latest film, based on the bestselling nonfiction book by James Bradley. Production visual effects supervisor Michael Owens and a team of artists at Digital Domain were challenged to re-create the famous battle and flag-raising, as well as views of 1940s-era New York and other period settings for scenes of the surviving soldiers on a cross-country tour to promote the sale of war bonds. Seeking a gritty photorealism, digital artists augmented live-action, shot mostly in Iceland, with everything from CG environments and set extensions, to virtual ships and assorted atmospheric effects.

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