Angels and Paintball

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Yep, another new toy made its way into my possession this week. It's totally unrelated to visual effects, but does help me relieve the stress on the weekends!

After playing for a couple of years with my Imagine and my A5, I decided to upgrade. The new item in the arsenal is a 2005 Angel G7. It's running off of a low pressure output compressed air tank, and can shoot upwards of 25+ balls per second! Of course, that's in semi-auto mode, and I don't think I can pull the trigger that fast! In auto mode it will max out at 15bps, which is plenty fine. There are numerous other triggering modes which I have yet to play with.

I'll be headed up to San Francisco next weekend to participate in the annual Audio vs. Video paintball game where audio artists game up with vfx artists from the area. So far the count for the company is hovering around 30, and we'll be teaming up with the team from ILM. I think there might be some deviants from some other local companies that may be joining us as well. We'll be going head to head with guys from Studio 880, Green Day, and Alice Radio. Should be a fun, unique event. I'll be bringing my paintball mounted camera to shoot the day, and hopefully will get some good pictures of the event. We might have a dedicated photographer for the day, but I don't know how that will play out just yet. Overall, I think we'll be running around 60 players per side, grouped into squads of 6-10, and it should be a crazy time.

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