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Some times we make difficult choices. This is one of those times. On one hand, there's this and on the other, this. But it's more realistic to think that it'll probably be this. A possible treat to the end of Mummy? We'll see.

If you haven't noticed, I think the views stats have been fixed. Excellent. So now you can see how many people care about what I write.


I'd go for the motor bike. Don't you already spend to much time in front of a computer/ TV screen? : )

hmm...not a big motoguzi fan..and wit gass these days the money you'd save with the aprilla vs a car..well...youd get your new system spending 4-600 a month on gass, so, figure save that money on the bike you'd be at home theater bliss by the end of the least

I already have a bike, so I'm already saving a decent chunk from that. It's only around 24-30 bucks a month to fill up. :) I just feel like an upgrade from my Suzuki is in order.

Go for the black moto ;) Red has a "Police come get!" tag on it. At least that's my experience with red vehicles.

and does your dear wife Lisa get any say in which purchase you make? ;) hehe

ps- I say go for the new TV, cause our old one sucks!!!

sorry sorry have to bring this up btw as a fellow cake fan:

Well, your CD collection looks shiny and costly.
How much did you pay for your bad Moto Guzi?
And how much did you spend on your black leather jacket?
Is it you or your parents in this income tax bracket?

Imo as far as motorcycles go, aprilla and ducati are kings, the japanese bikes are great and all, but they just lack the same..feel and quality as the previous two.

Hahahaha... it's funny cuz when I first read this post I was thinking it was about career choices. And when I clicked on the "this" links, I was totally laughing.

I say indulge in whatever makes you happy! I too reward myself with something after working on a long or challenging project. It makes the OT worth it!

I think you should get the black bike and the flat screen TV.
You need update your means of transportation and you need to update your video game viewing pleasures, right?

Ok. Now I'm waiting for your wife to kill me.


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