The Machine Shop

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Last night I received the last piece of the puzzle, a 9x5" mill. Will this final piece, I can effectively create another machine shop! Here's a picture of the setup. While a little dark, I think you'll get the idea.  It consists of a Sherline 3x8" lathe and Sherline 9x5" mill. Also in the white boxes with red stickers are other tooling bits.


It's on a table that's roughly 24" deep and 45" wide, so it takes up a pretty small area in a second bedroom, which also doubles as a workspace for computer related work, scrapbooking, paintball, and Warhammer 40K. All in all, I'm pretty excited about being able to just work on parts without always packing up after. It was roughly a 20 minute set up and a 30 minute teardown, but now there's virtually none!

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