Mini Lathe

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I received a nice addition to the Aruna Hobby Collection yesterday.

Sherline 4000 Lathe

This is a Sherline 4000 Miniature Lathe. It has a 3.5" by 8" working area, and is convert-able to a mill setup. It's pretty solid construction, all the pieces are well made!  I ended up getting a package deal, which comes with the lathe, and starter tools and bits. I've got a bunch of things to build on it, but of course I'm going to start small. The Sherline system has a decent upgrade path as well, so I am able to swap the handwheels out for stepper motors and upgrade to CNC in the future!
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Way cool. I've always wanted one of those. No idea what I'd make with it but I'm sure I'd work it out if I had one.

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