I just finished installing Movable Type 4.01!

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Welcome to my new blog powered by Movable Type. This is the first post on my blog and was created for me automatically when I finished the installation process. But that is ok, because I will soon be creating posts of my own!
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Movable Type also created a comment for me as well so that I could see what a comment will look like on my blog once people start submitting comments on all the posts I will write.

Another testing comment.

A third testing comment to see how line wraps work with image avatars and links and other types of html options.
NEW YORK -- Joel and Ethan Coen's violent crime drama No Country for Old Men swept the New York Film Critics Circle awards Monday, taking home honors for best picture, director, screenplay and supporting actor for Javier Bardem.


If you guys are reading this through an RSS feed, things are still changing. Feel free to comment on this post to try out the new commmenting system, as well as user images! You can use an OpenID login, as well as register locally to this site, or use a TypeKey login as well!

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waiting forward to reading your Blog on moveable Aruna...
i never use moveable before... how to register to your blog??

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