VES Award Nominations.

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A quick post... I was reading up on vfxblog the interview with Jeff Okun, who I saw Saturday at The Big Reveal. An interesting little blurb.

Was it difficult to choose the nominees?

Fortunately, that's not up to us. That's the job of the Society members. As an Awards Committee, it's our job to notify as many people as possible that this awards show exists and that they need to enter. We're still jiggling with the formula a little bit about how to get the word out, what to charge for an entry, etc. Then what we do - it's like for one category we got 27 entries - so we assemble together a blue ribbon panel of judges that are made up of Visual Effects Society members who have expertise in the field. We make sure that there are no slates and logos or individual's names or anything on the entries. Then we assemble all the reels in a big group, and the judges watch the entries and the befores and afters and the way the entries are made, and any other material, one after the other. Then they choose their top three that they think are in and then it goes off to the VES.

Believe me, I'd like to be able to influence the nominations. I'd make sure all my friends got in...

That's pretty cool! It's all about the work, which is great. No special treatment for being a close buddy of one of the committee members. Can't wait till they get a load of Constantine. :) Read the rest of the interview here.

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