Charlotte's Web

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Some news about the upcoming Charlotte's Web film. While we are still in pre-production for this show, some interesting news has come about with the casting of the voices.

Julia Roberts will voice Charlotte, the spider. Steve Buscemi will voice Templeton, the rat. Oprah Winfrey will voice Gussy the goose and Cedric The Entertainer as Golly the goose. John Cleese will voice Samuel the Sheep. Reba McEntire and Kathy Bates will voice the two cows, Betsy and Bitsy, while Thomas Hayden Church and André Benjamin from Andre 3000 will voice the crows, Brooks and Elwyn.

You are probably guessing that most of these creatures will be at some point, created in 3D. Your guess is right. Tippett is a creature studio, so we're obviously doing several.

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