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Eventful weeks have passed since I got back to work about a week and a half ago. At the moment we're working regular hours, since it is the beginning of the show, and I've got a huge number of greenscreens to prep and possibly complete! Luckily, they're very well shot, so there is a minimum of fuss in 2D land.

I managed to watch a couple films in the past several days, one is HP6, and the other was Bruno. I thought Potter was pretty long, with just a couple fight scenes, and I was expecting more of everything. No death, little destruction (at least visually), and almost no magic. It was all a romantic triangle, of which I would prefer less of. I thought Harry Potter was supposed to be some great wizard, but he was just a wimp in this film. Bruno was funny as well, not as humourous as Borat, I thought, but good nonetheless. Maybe I was expecting too much of both films!

Just over the weekend I attended a business planning seminar put on by Score, a group of entrepreneurs and businessmen, both retired and active, who volunteer their services for free for upcoming entrepreneurs. The seminar was for feedback on Industry Wages' business plan, and I wanted to get constructive feedback from the group. I got a chance to ask the presenter several detailed questions about the plan, and he gave some very good ideas and recommendations, which I will use to further improve this living document, this business proposal. Check out for more info, and ScoreLA for the local chapter.

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