A G36c A5

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Some of you may remember this post a while back, which told of my recent acquisition of a Tippmman A-5 paintball marker. Well, now that my projection project is all wrapped up (save for some minor tweaking later in the year), I focused my attention in making a one-of-a-kind paintball gun. While not directly related to visual effects, this is what I do to kill the time on the weekends and relax.

I spent some time figuring out what I wanted to do, and settled on creating a replica paintball gun of the well proven Heckler & Koch G36c. I already had an airsoft replica of this SMG, and needed to somehow, fit the internals of the Tippman A5 into the body of the G36c. There are several off the shelf kits that can make the A5 resemble the G36c, but nothing truly makes it look exactly the same. It took me a couple of months, on and off, to finish this project, and I think the resulting one-off is pretty cool. It gets the looks on the field, and even works like the real one. The magazine releases, cocking lever cocks correctly, you name it. From this, to this. You can read about the build and how I managed this over at pbownersgroup.com (formerly A5og.net). Here is the direct thread. Below is a screenshot! You won't find this paintball marker on any field that I don't visit! :) You should also check out some of the Google Video that I have uploaded with this gun in some games.

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