The last day

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Today was the wrap for most of our Mummy crew (as a matter of fact, I think it's still going on). We've been slowly letting artists go over the past couple of weeks as things die down, and today was the last big hoorah. We lost the majority of our compositors, and a couple support staff, lighters, animators, and so forth. This is par for the course for the industry, companies ramp up for the show, then ramp down, so it's to be expected. This show is no different. We've got a couple shots left in house that we're just finessing up, and we should be done shortly. I'm one of the artists left over, still working on a big shot. It's almost like Pirates all over, as one of the last remaining compers, finishing up bits and pieces and making sure things fall into place and look decent. These past four weekdays have been 7am-10pm. I think on the weekends I was able to work only 10 hours. The past several weeks have been probably about 80-90 hour work weeks.

Luckily, this weekend will be first weekend free, from four weeks solid. Maybe I'll get to see Wall-E.. Or maybe Wanted. Or just sleep. For 48 hours straight.

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