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Benjamin Buttons Book CoverAnother exciting week, another exciting viewing of the films and commercials that Digital Domain has worked on! As you know, Speed Racer is going into theatres on May 9th, a week after Iron Man, which comes out on May 2nd! Then, on May 16th, the new Narnia comes out, and on May 22nd, Indiana Jones! Looks to be an exciting May!

Last night the crew at DD got a chance to catch the new monthlies, which are now called Quarterlies. This quarter we got a chance to see WIP stuff from The Mummy and Benjamin Buttons, while also seeing a number of great commercials and all the finals from Speed Racer! Since I'm bound by NDA, I can only mention the stuff that's already out there in the public domain. Needless to say, there was also some great spec work for some films which we are bidding on, which will remain nameless at this time.

After looking at all the finals for Speed Racer, strung back to back, I can say that Digital Domain's work is going to be pretty hard to top. Ya, I'm biased, but it really looks impressive. I can't wait to see it in the theatre will full blown audio on a big screen. It's going to be readily enjoyed by the kids. Imagine playing with Hot Wheels and racetracks as a kid.. Now those kids are all grown up, and making films about those same insane racetracks and rollercoasters and blingy cars. It's an assault on the senses. And it's extremely colorful and bright. Two weeks folks, two weeks!

Mummy 3 IMDB Pubstill 1On the Buttons tip, we saw some amazing work in progress. It will blow your mind when this film comes out later this year. I'm not going to say any more, since I don't know what Fincher or the studio has released for the film yet, but it's damn impressive. Of course, Mummy is the show I'm currently on, and it's a Cohen film. It's my first time working with him, but so far so good. We see him often in the studio, which is a great thing. On Flags, Clint only came in at select times, but Cohen seems to have a very hands-on approach, and does make an effort to know the crew that's working on his film. On that note, it's going to get very busy in the coming weeks, so there will be sporadic entries here and there! I'll try to make them quality posts, so keep checking in, by using the RSS feed on the right or get updates via email!

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