Four Down

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Thirteen to go! We've got a couple more weeks here, and I'm slowly getting the required elements I'll need to finish compositing the rest of my shots. At the moment I'm working on a lot of keying bits, like edge detail and color correction. Quite a number of my shots were shot without bluescreen, and this helps twofold. One, the lighting is virtually perfect, and all I need is to the set the environment in to match. Two, it make edge work a little easier. A big drawback however is that because there is no bluescreen, I have to resort to a number of different keying methods for every part of the frame, which changes constantly depending on the background that the foreground is on. Lots of lumakeys and difference keys, and the IBK works in select instances.

The weekend was as busy as the work week, with a number of Pirateers coming in to finish shots. Last week was a record 70 hours of work, which I haven't done in a long time.. That's 70 hours of solid, billable, work. Every day was spent from around 7:40am or so to 9ish pm. Am I tired yet, you ask? Well.. Occasionally, depending on how much sleep I get the night before! 7 1/2 to 8 hours works pretty well, but doesn't leave a whole lot of anything else to do.. Surprisingly, or not, the days just fly by now.

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