Another Vancouver transplant

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Another VFX firm heads up to Vancouver! It's looking more positive every day. That makes three or four now. Zoic Studios, the Orphanage, and Giant Killer Robots. They join the current VFX studios; Rainmaker, Atmosphere VFX, Spin West, Technicolor, Image Engine, Northwest, and the Embassy. Are there any more recent additions that I'm missing?

Expanding to serve "Hollywood North," Santa Monica-based visual effects creator Entity FX on Monday said it has opened a full production and supervision studio in Vancouver.

Best known for its effects work on "Miami Vice" and "The Aviator," Entity FX will use its new facility in Vancouver's chic Yaletown district to offer theatrical and episodic visual effects for U.S. projects shooting on location in British Columbia. The Canadian facility also is wired for seamless cross-collaboration and file-sharing with Entity FX in Santa Monica, which recently expanded its workforce to 75. "We're growing in Los Angeles and now in Canada, too," Entity FX president Mat Beck said in a statement. "It's exciting to be able to work on projects with all of the advantages of multiple locations." Beck added that the expansion northward by Entity FX helps answer an increased need for coordinated effects work in both Los Angeles and British Columbia.

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