The Ecache Node

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Yes, another day, another new node review. Coupled with the Multiplane node, and working with huge 2K scripts, I thought I'd give it a whirl.. By default, using this node does nothing for me. I had to create an additional .h file to be able to work with my 2k float images. Here's the process, so hopefully it will help some of you out there.

Here are some of the settings I've used that work well with my machine. Adjust to suit your needs and machine capabilities.

diskCache.cacheMemory = 1024;
diskCache.cacheMemoryLimit = 2048;
diskCache.cacheSize = 2048000;
diskCache.cacheMaxFile = 768;

There's also a really great extra line that helps when working with the cache in Shake 4. This line can be added above: diskCache.cacheDebug = 1;. It tells you which nodes are being cached, or if they are in memory or disk cache. Quite useful! A really great advantage this has over whatever Shake regularly does with caching images is that the turnaround from making an adjustment and seeing the result is close to immediate.

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