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As it's a new year, I thought I'm mention a bunch of cool new things that I'm doing.  I'm currently working on another commercial, this time for the Super Bowl, but it's not with the commercial team this time, it's a trailer for an upcoming movie! I can't mention anything more than that, of course, but be sure and watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.  Why else?  I don't even know when the game is supposed to be played, but I think it is in a couple of weeks.


My skeleton cube is still going strong, this is the year I finish it! Be sure and follow the Tumblr if you have and account. The website is skeletoncube.com, which is just a fancy redirect to skeletoncube.tumblr.com. I've already decided on my next project, but some people want to see a different one, particularly something like this! I'm deciding on a puzzle box that will encompass the skeleton cube, which is also skeletal. I'm hoping to take the design of a Japanese puzzle box  mixed with a Hellraiser box, and create something unique, which will fit the cube. So you need to solve the puzzle box to open it to solve the cube. Am I insane? Time will tell on that front, as I still have a miniature steam engine to complete.

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The Oscars

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Real Steel
Congratulations to my team and the crew for a job well done on Real Steel! The show is up for the Best Visual Effects, along with Hugo, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two, Transformers 3, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Full nominee list is here.

On a side note, happy new year! It's been quite a while since I last posted anything of merit here.  Last year was the year of commercials for me, as I worked almost nonstop for the last half of the year on a plethora of Digital Domain commercials. I had a great time, and the teams were phenomenal. I had a chance to work with all of our commercial supervisors as well as several commercial directors, and it was a treat.

Real Steel - Comic-Con 2011 - July 21, 2011
Today Real Steel comes out on Blu-Ray and DVD! Be sure to pick it up to see the great work that Digital Domain did on the show. We were the main vfx house on it, with Legacy being the model house that created the full size robots for the film. On the right is Ambush, one of the robots, and this thing is huge.  It only becomes apparent how big they are when you're actually standing next to them in the same room!  Ambush was one of the first robots we created digitally, and I was the compositing lead for the sequence involving him at the beginning of the film.  That sequence also had a digital bull. Try and figure out which shots have the digital robot and bull and which ones are practical!
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