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2008 Emmy Winners!

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Over the weekend the Creative Arts Emmys were held here in Los Angeles. Like last year, Battlestar Galactica took the Emmy. This time around, it was not the local Vancouver team that won. Here were the nominees.

Battlestar Galactica • He That Believeth In Me
Heroes • Four Months Ago
Human Body: Pushing The Limits • Strength
Jericho • Patriots And Tyrants
Stargate Atlantis • Adrift
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles • Pilot

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners! For the category of Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Movie, Miniseries or Special, the team that completed John Adams won. Here were the nominees.

John Adams • Join Or Die
Comanche Moon • Part 1
Life After People • History Channel
The Company • Part 2
Tin Man • Part 1

Unfortunately this year I was not able to help narrow down the selection nor choose a winner from the final five! Hopefully next year I will be available.

Friday, friday.

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The last day of the week for some of us, the first day of a work weekend for some. It's been a hectic several weeks, and I've been neglecting my blogging duties, but I'm back again to give you what you want. This week has actually been a short week, with Labor Day on Monday. The kids are back in school, so the streets are a little busier. It's still taking me about the same time to get to work each day, around 10 minutes.. I can't see how some of my coworkers do it, commuting in from Pasadena or Ventura County, spending 30-45 minutes in a car, on a light traffic day!

Next week will be an interesting week as well. On Tuesday my business partner and I will be heading to UCLA for a presentation by Amazon of some of their web services, which we will hope to incorporate into our upcoming website. We're also discussing an alpha group which will be able to help us debug and add items into our database. We have a tentative schedule to go beta and public by the first of next year, so the alpha group will be helping us from probably the end of September to December of this year, but I'll be sure to send an invite out on this blog, but most likely some of the folks on VFXTalk will be the lucky recipients of an alpha pass. Trust me when I say that this will be an industry-shaking site.

I've been hitting the gym in my free time (what free time? The free hours from 6-7am), and it's been paying off. A little bit of more weight lifted, a little bigger I've become. When I started this transformation I was 169 pounds in May of 2007. Now I'm 187 in September of 2008. Not too bad for 16 months! Almost a pound put on per month.

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